Winter’s Prequel (Autumn Leaves)

I love autumn, actually.  The weather’s cooler but not cold so you can still have the windows open.  The farmer’s market is full of fresh food including a few favorites, like apples and pumpkin.  School is back in session, so I can go to the mall without running into a thousand rampaging children at any hour of the day.  Activities like bible study and small group meetings are back in swing.

What I really don’t like about autumn is what it heralds.  My 60-hour work weeks will begin soon.  All my lovely outdoor plants will either die off or have to come inside within the next month or so.  But worst of all, autumn is the herald of winter.  If winter this year is anything like winter last year, I’m going to cry.

So if we could go from fall to spring this year, I would appreciate it.


Thanks again to “The Daily Post” for the writing prompt.

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