Care Enough to Criticize (Handle with Care)

I work in a profession which requires me to daily review and critique my colleague’s work for a variety of reasons.  My coworkers review my work as well.  Since I deal with this issue every single day, I’ve had to consider how I handle both the giving and receiving of criticism.  I had people put on kid gloves, I’ve had people tell it like it is, and I’ve had people who take a sort of sick pleasure in finding mistakes.  All in all, I prefer that people be honest.

I think one of the big issues we have today is that we are all so obsessed with appearances and being liked.  No one really likes being criticized, but that’s how we grow.  You aren’t going to improve much if you can’t accept a critique, and if you’re unwilling to critique someone they won’t be able to grow. Caring about people requires a certain level of honest criticism, and when presented correctly and with kindness, honest criticism can be the best thing you can give another person.

Tell it like you see it, but be willing to be wrong yourself.  Be honest while being respectful.  Care about the other person or the team enough to say what needs to be said, to collaborate, and to grow.  Just remember that you’re both human and one day you’ll make a mistake, too.  The Golden Rule applies – treat them the way you want them to treat you when that day comes.

Maybe the world would be a better place if we all cared about each other enough to provide honest, caring criticism, and we were all open enough to accept such criticisms.


Thanks again to The Daily Post for the prompt.

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